Looking for Tammie at the Vancouver airport.


Skiing up the Asulkan drainage


Mike and someone on the day with Jim Bay


Matt and Tammie About to ascend the final slope of Young's Peak.


Descending the Steps of Paradise


Ascending the Dome glacier route


Ascending the Dome glacier route


Amos at the top of the Dome glacier route.


Corinne descending the Dome glacier


Mike chasing Amos down the Dome


Is magnetic north a point or a line?


Midnight dump in the outhouse


Amos and Ben in new years attire


Assuring the foot and a half of fluffy powder was safe (it was!)


Amos in the pow


Ben, receiving a face shot.


Tom going off the cornice!


Mike skiing into the gully on our pre-ski-out ski


Some cool sun rays on the ski out


In the Rockies... tour to the base of Stanley Glacier in Kootenay N.P. Very little snow here.


Amos enjoying Eric


On the ski out from Stanley Glacier valley


Mike in deep on the way back through Roger's Pass (Grizzly shoulder)


Lukas tried out the hitching post at the Subway sandwich shop in Lilloet


Caroline, Lukas and Mike in the house that Matt built in Mariott Basin, coast mtns.


Matt in Marriott Basin