Rainier Cam archive

July 17, 2:18pm. Mt Rainier's winter coat melts off quickly in the summer heat.

August 8, 2:18pm. Mt Rainier gets a little refresh of snow. Between August 6th and 8th, Paradise received 1.6 inches of rain. In the previous 50 days, it only got 0.6 inches of rain.

August 18, 2:18pm. Looking very brown again - the new snow melted quickly. It looks shady, but I think that's just because the snow is gone. All my summer webcam pics look dark and shady until new snow arrives.

August 28, 2:18pm, after being in the clouds for a week. First big snow event of the "2004-2005" season. Paradise registered over 8 inches of rain in the period of August 18-28. The summit scree looks nice and white again.

Another example of the first snow of the new season... sunset pictures. On the left, August 18th, 8:04pm. On the right, August 29th, 7:47pm. Due to the changing angle of the sun (quickly moving further south to bring us powder), I couldn't get similarly lit shots.
May 25, 2004 (5:22am). Note how the stupid tree has grown since March. In a few years, Liberty Ridge will be blocked and I'll have to move.

May 25, 2005 (11:38am). A few hours later, clouds start enveloping the summit.

March 21, 2004 (2:27pm). Before I had the IR filter. Liberty Ridge coming in from the right. Emmons Glacier on the left skyline. Curtis ridge going from lower left to upper right.