Ptarmigan Traverse   August 28 - September 1, 2003

August 28

Looking from Cache Col towards Mt Formidable and the Middle Cascade Glacier

Scrambling on the ridge of Hurry Up

North Face of Spider Mountain, from Hurry Up

Firey sunset on Mt Johannesburg from Kool Aid Lake

August 29

The Red Ledge, looking kind of blue in the morning shade.

Lowell hiking with the Formidable and Middle Cascade glaciers in the background.

Navigating some crevasses on the Middle Cascade Glacier

Sneaking under a snow block in a loose gully on the south face of Mt Formidable.

The Mineral Creek fire from the summit of Formidable.

Matt scrambling down from the summit of Formidable.

The mid-section of the traverse, from Mt Formidable. (blurry sections obscured)

August 30

Pleasant meadow walking on the way to the Leconte Glacier. Mt Formidable in the background.

Lots of sidehilling to get to the Leconte Glacier. Hazy smoky skies.

Lowell climbs up a snow/ice fin to gain the Leconte Glacier.

The upper South Cascade glacier from the summit of Sentinel. It would be a fine place for kite skiing, if it wasn't so far from a road. We saw a helicopter fly in to the research station below the glacier. Hmm...

Matt on the summit of Sentinel. The Mineral Creek fire is burning strongly today.

Lowell looks through the summit register on Sentinel. Dome and Sinister Peaks and the Chikamin Glacier are in the background.

August 31

Sunset on Dome Peak.

September 1

Breaking camp on Itswoot Ridge, with smoke floating in Sulfur Creek valley

Stinky folk back in civilization, Downey Creek trailhead. From the left, Lowell, Brian, Matt, Phil.