Friend's web pages...

Anton Pitts - where did Anton's site go!? Bill Frans - dirt bag skier Dave Burdick - "Dave Twight"
Eric Cytrynbaum - hardcore mountaineer *G* - and her puppy! Greg Mueller- pushing his limits
Loren Campbell - the original cascadeclimber Lukas Chrostowski - big picture of himself on his page Marcus Collins - something more unusual?
Matt Cary - a mime and street performer in Berlin Matt Dobbs - good page for physics/unix/climbing geeks Meg Thrift - oof, yet another dead link!
Michael Stanton - extensive trip report website, eloquent prose Mike Leong - still stuck on the East coast Sam Avaiusini - someone keeps stealing his projects!
Jason Hummel - ski mountaineering, kayaking, poetry Sky Sjue - he likes gentle easy ski tours Paul Belitz - a young punk