Purdy Scenery

Bob above the Spruce Trees.

Me in the front seat, where I belong. We were a little worried about a nasty-sounding cough our pilot had, so I was ready to take over the controls at a moment's notice. photo by Jim Holland

Vincent managed to pull together a group of 12, most of us from Seattle. There was some variation in skill level, but it ended up working out well. And those who weren't used to powder - well that certainly changed after a few days!

Our group, getting ready for a run on the second day.

Coming down Jo-Pal.

Tracks down Jo-Pal.

Bill, Kinbasket Lake, and the Selkirks across the lake.

Taken on the helicopter flight in, this is a Chatter Ck employee somewhere near South Park. I dunno if they were building roads, or just messing around, but it was cool.

This is Pete, our driver. He took a couple runs with us now and then, and supplied the "beats" for the cat rides. Dmh! Dhm! dhm! dhm! dhm! dhm! photo by Jim Price

Andy, our guide, and some of our runs. photo by Sue

Some of that Rockies scenery thang. photo by Stephan

Peering over the edge. The snow stability was great, so the steeps were a go! photo by Rob Dalghen

Vince making tracks down Jo-Pal.