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[mtnPhilms instructional series]

Mount Fernow
10.9MB length:3:05
July 7, 2007
Coleman Headwall
23.5MB length:7:57
June 2, 2007
Inner Constance, Rt 4
29MB length:7:26
May 26, 2007 solo helmet cam footage
Mt Deception, NE Gully
21MB length:4:56
April 15, 2007 April Olympic powder!
W McMillan Spire
33.3MB length:7:51
January 27, 2007
Slush Cup 2006
26.5MB length:6:16
August 20, 2006 Wet and wild
Mt Adams
17.8MB length:4:12
June 24, 2006 northside steeps
Big Four Mtn
24.7MB length:7:32
March 4, 2006
Kendall Peak Lakes
14.4MB length:3:24
January 8, 2006 Lots'o'boulders
Marriott Basin
11.8MB length:5:43
December 23, 2005 Christmas hut trip
Cadet Peak - West Face
22.2MB length:10:44
November 19, 2005
"Opening Wknd" - Bullion Basin
13MB length:3:05
November 5, 2005
Bonanza Pk - NW Buttress
21.8MB length:11:20
June 22, 2005 foul language!
Robinson Crusoe Couloir
7MB length:3:22
June 15, 2005
Mt. Maude - west face couloir
19.5MB length:9:19
June 4, 2005 Long?
Silver Skis Race
18.7MB length:7:40
May 1, 2005 Classic!
Triad/Hidden Lake Pk
9.9MB length:4:34
March 5, 2005 Relazing weekend
Too Deep at Baker
4.4MB length:1:58
January 8, 2005 A little too deep
Marriott Basin
8.2MB length:3:38
January 1, 2005 Marriott Basin New Years trip
Forbidden North Ridge
16.5MB length:7:51
August 7, 2004 The story of Sloshkin
Boulder Glacier
12.3MB length:5:10
July 5, 2004
8.5MB length:3:27
March 20, 2004 Did this instea of attempting Baker
Extreme Dudes
4.8MB length:1:55
February 14, 2004 so extreme
Sunnier at Rainier
10.5MB length:5:05
February 7, 2004 A midwinter journey to Glacier Basin on Mt Rainier
New Years Hat Trick
14.7MB length:5:51
January 4, 2004 3 days of fantastic powder near Snoqualmie Pass
7.6MB length:3:00
January 2, 2004 Goofy ski up and down a logging road
Cle Elum Kite Caper
2.6MB length:1:03
December 14, 2003 whoops - Greg almost loses hit Kite
Geeks on Plank
11.4MB length:4:42
December 7, 2003 Gumby snowboarding
Icing on the Bake
6.5MB length:2:40
November 22, 2003 "Salt Lake friends visit, ski fine snow at Baker"
Skiing the Dunes
10.9MB length:5:42
October 25, 2003 Sand skiing in Idaho
Chowder Ridge
2.4MB length:1:08
October 12, 2003 "Mediocre skiing, but hey - fresh snow in October!"
Winter 02-03
11.4MB length:3:42
September 3, 2003 Winter powder summary
Emmons Life Force
5.4MB length:3:39
July 6, 2003 so suck - don't ski Rainier w/o a warm forecast
Meet CoolGuy
1.7MB length:12:51
June 16, 2003 We saw this cool guy on Mt Baker
Trogdor Visits Baker
0.7MB length:12:36
June 15, 2003 Burnination on Baker
6.1MB length:5:08
June 7, 2003 Messing around on the north side of Mt Adams
Tatoosh Vapour Trails
4.8MB length:2:56
May 17, 2003 May powder
April Powder
11.8MB length:5:31
April 26, 2003 Sniffing out powder on the North Cascades hwy
Manastash Ridge
2.1MB length:1:28
April 20, 2003 Mountain biking adventure in eastern WA
Birthday Tour
10.9MB length:7:51
April 19, 2003 Long? 7 of us go on the Birthday Tour
Cannon Slushfest
2.8MB length:3:46
March 29, 2003 Hazy skies make even north slopes sloppy
Dumping at Mt Zaky
7.3MB length:3:37
March 7, 2003 Dry and deep - avy danger was high
White Salmon Glacier
2.8MB length:4:12
March 1, 2003 Fun on the north side of Mt Shuksan
Bedal Creek Basin
3MB length:4:38
February 23, 2003 "Sunshine, powder"
Mount Zaky
0.9MB length:1:19
February 22, 2003 "Poor weather, good snow, good crash."
Pathetic at Bare Mountain
2MB length:2:30
February 15, 2003 "Skiing on snow, mostly"
Rogers Pass
2.7MB length:3:35
January 8, 2003 Avalanches
Wapta Traverse Part 2
3.7MB length:4:47
January 6, 2003 Balfour Pass to Kicking Horse Pass
Wapta Blue Darts
3.4MB length:4:30
January 5, 2003 "I swear no one was high, not even drunk."
Wapta Traverse Part 1
3.7MB length:5:01
January 3, 2003 Bow Lake to Balfour Pass
Snoqualmie Wars
2.5MB length:1:29
December 8, 2002 Silliness
Dittle Little Dance
0.5MB length:12:19
December 1, 2002 Greg struttin' in Terror Basin
Rainy Lake
4.1MB length:2:25
November 17, 2002 Early season powder
Winter Of Our Content
1.7MB length:2:45
October 10, 2002 Winter 2001-2002
Grand Park
0.3MB length:12:20
June 29, 2002 "Oops, I guess there's no more snow here."
Kite Skiing
0.4MB length:12:32
June 2, 2002 First (and best?) attempt at kite skiing.
Ice Worms
0.2MB length:12:18
June 1, 2002 The little glacier critters
Easy Pass
0.9MB length:1:12
May 11, 2002 "Glorious spring day, powder and perfect corn."
The White Rim
6.5MB length:8:40
May 5, 2002 "So long, crappy quality video"
I90 Clearcut Skiing
0.3MB length:12:19
April 4, 2002 "Lame ski, but a nice morning."
Mount Zaky
0.8MB length:1:03
March 16, 2002 Low quality early video
Wedge Mountain
0.4MB length:12:34
February 10, 2002 Snowmobile to the dry snow.
Arrowhead Mountain
0.3MB length:12:21
January 19, 2002 Steep glades and cold smoke
Surprise Lake
0.4MB length:12:15
January 13, 2002 Suprisingly nice snow at Surprise Lake